NSL Music Composer Guide



Folder name and primary script name/references/menu items have been updated to reflect the new product name.
You will need to remove the old NSLMusicCreator folder completely to avoid conflicts.

Step Sequencer

Piano Roll

Custom Sequencer Windows

Song Manager, Song, and Audio Track Objects

Syncing Game Events

Tips for Making, Editing, and Finding Samples

Start, Stop, and Change Songs in Script

NSL Music Composer Forum

For support, contact ryan@namelesssyntheticlifeforms.com

If you make something awesome or have tips to share, please visit the forum!


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3 Comments on “NSL Music Composer Guide
  1. Hi!

    I have just discovered your plugin nsmusiccomposer on asset store. And the function “change tempo” seems very interesting. I would like to know if it’s possible to change tempo of an 5 minutes audio file (mp3 or ogg). Is it real time-stretching?
    If yes, does it work on Android and iOS? Can I play this mp3 from a specific time (seek function))
    Thanks a lot for your reply

  2. Hello Marjory,

    The “Change Tempo” function will not time-stretch an audio file. It changes the rate at which audio clips fire, but the intention is to compose the song out of audio samples in Unity and then change the tempo there (this is one of the big advantages of composing the song in-engine, rather than using a pre-rendered MP3).

    You can actually seek through an audioclip in Unity by setting Audiosource.time. For songs created in NSL:MC, you can modify the CurrentBeat parameter to effectively seek through, though I will add a simpler seek to my list of to-dos 🙂

  3. NSL Music Composer is just what I’ve been looking for. I have two questions about song manager:
    1) Our team has a composer who creates the songs on his own Unity environment. He is isolated from the version control system. How can I import the songs he has created into my project?

    2) Is it possible to modify song data in real-time? For example adding drum beats when user presses a button on a game?
    Regards, MaSa

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