Testing DK2… try not to crash.

I’ve been tinkering with the Rift DK2 in Unity this weekend.  It’s a little difficult to get something running without a lot of frame-skipping and judder.  That’s likely to improve with future SDK releases, but in the meantime, the only way I’ve managed to get something running smoothly is by keeping things simple to keep framerates as consistently high as possible.

I’ve slapped together a simple demo from Asset Store packages (all linked below), so all credit to these Asset developers.  It’s a driving tour of the Isle set from the Big Environment Pack.  Unfortunately, I’ve had to remove a lot of the eye candy (including all the vegetation), but please do check the pack out, the creator does some very impressive work!  The buggy you’ll drive is from Realistic Car Control and the roads were constructed with Easy Roads 3D Pro.

Crashing can send you spinning… which can be unpleasant… try not to crash.   😛


Requires Rift DK2 and Controller input (tested with a 360 Controller).  You will likely need to center your camera after the demo starts (press C).


Accelerate – Joystick Axis 3 / Z / 360 Controller Right Trigger
Brake/Reverse – Joystick Axis 3 / Z / 360 Controller Left Trigger
Steer – Joystick Axis 1 / X / 360 Controller Left Stick
Handbrake – 360 Controller Y Button

Center HMD Camera – C
Reset Car Position – R
Exit – Escape/Q

Big Environment Pack

Easy Roads 3D Pro

Realistic Car Control

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