NSL Easy Interiors

NSL Easy Interiors is now available on the Unity Asset Store!  CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

Here is the announcement post where I talk a bit about the process of creating NSL:EI.

NSL Easy Interiors is an in-editor interior level design tool. Through its intuitive interface, interior spaces can be quickly mapped out and textured, complete with floors, ceilings, windows, and doors.

3 wall styles, 14 wall materials, 16 floor materials and 6 ceilings materials can be combined into a huge variety of complete interiors. You can customize the provided materials or create your own for use inside the editor.

When you’ve finished designing your interior spaces, all mesh generation, texturing and scene placement are handled for you with a single button click (see video below for a demonstration).

Do in minutes what once took hours! Create intricate, complete interiors built to your exacting specifications with NSL Easy Interiors!






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