Rift Podcast 1!


A few people were kind enough to join me for a podcast recording last week. Drash (developer of Titans of Space – A Guided Tour), Caine (developer of Horror), and Cybereality (Oculus VR Community Manager).

The conversation covered a lot of ground, both development-specific and VR in general.  The call is now available for you to download, listen to, be thrilled by and discuss enthusastically (or bitterly, however it may move you).  When you’re done enjoying our thoughtful pros, be sure to check out Titans of Space and Horror!  If you’ve got a rift, you’ll be in for a treat (and maybe a scare).  If you have a Rift and Razer Hydra, give the latest build of COZ a shot here.

Download Rift Podcast 1


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  1. Is there a feed set up? Otherwise, it’s not really a “podcast” at all, but more just an mp3 you can download. A web player would be a nice alternative, too.

    • It’s a good point. I haven’t been sure how often or if at all we’d be doing this again, so I held off making a feed. It turns out we’ll be doing at least one more recording, but not for a bit yet. I’ll be sure to get a feed together and post it when we do. Thanks for the feedback!

      Also agreed a webplayer would be good. I’ll look into it 🙂

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