COZ – Alpha Playground 1 Now Available for Downlaod!!!


COZ Alpha Playground 1 is now available for download 🙂

Before we get to the link, a few quick notes:

  • The Alpha in Alpha Playground means this is super early work.  The art and audio are mostly placeholders.  There may be some bugs.  Share your thoughts or bug reports in the forum.
  • This is not a build of the full game, just a testing zone for Coz to have a swing in.  See this post for more details.
  • Alpha Playground 1 requires the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra.
  • There is a ReadMe.txt file in the install folder.  Please read it before playing. It contains details on how to play, including the controller layout.
  • Grappling is a skill! Try taking it easy at first.  Think strategically about where you want to go, where to connect your next rope, when to release, etc.
  • Use your search beams!  If you hold the trigger halfway down, a red search beam will extend from your grappler and will turn green when an object is within range.
  • Use your thrusters!  You have one in each hand.  Hold down the bumper for a second or two to get one charged up and release in any direction.  Firing both straight down is a good way to get some quick altitude.
  • There are 27 Cit Shells scattered around the map.  If you find one, thwap it with your Energy Thwapper!
  • Let me know how its going, share your feedback with me, and HAVE FUN!

Download COZ Alpha Playground 1

Self Promo 🙂  My new Product, NSL Music Creator, is now available on the Unity Asset Store!

Updated to 1.5 – Fixed hands start position when reconfiguring.Removed Coz’s arms (for now), they were causing performance issues.  Other animation performance optimizations.

Updated to 1.4 – Fixed a search beam bug.  Added head collision to try and reduce ropes clipping through the camera (still needs work). Added user configurable IPD and distortion scale to the config file.

Updated to 1.3 – Changed triggering method of grappler fire

Updated to 1.2 – Increased thumbstick Dead Zone and added  Dead Zone to config file.

Updated to 1.1 based on user feedback.  The prompts to activate the Hydra controllers are now readable within the Rift.

For players interested in customizing the look of the game with Skin Packs, check this thread in the forum.  I’ve made a starter pack available.

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