Generative Rhythm Test Footage

This is gameplay footage from Alpha Playground 2, a test level for one of the new generative soundtrack features I’m working on.  One of the mechanics on COZ requires players to use nodes around the map to connect devices to different power sources.  The way in which these nodes are wired results in different rhythms.  The beats behind the soundtrack evolve throughout the game, and can potentially be quite different on each playthough (towards the end of the video, there are 3 examples of different beats created by different wiring patterns).

Everything in the clip, sound samples and boxy-level design, is thrown together for testing (although I am pretty happy with the look of the nodes, so elements of that may show up in the game).  This was a lot of fun to create and it already has me thinking of other ways to control the soundtrack dynamically. I’ll cover this in more detail in a future post.

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