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NSL Music Creator is an in-editor music sequencer and runtime playback and synchronization tool. The powerful, customizable step sequencer runs right inside of Unity, keeping your audio workflow fast and efficient. Scoring your soundtrack using instrument samples in NSL Music Creator saves space in your build and enables effects and game mechanics that aren’t possible with pre-rendered music.

By tapping into NSL Music Creator’s easy to use event system, you can synchronize animation, lighting effects, and more to the beat of your soundtrack. You can even time events to trigger alongside a specific instrument!

Because the score isn’t pre-rendered, each instrument can be placed at different locations in 3D space, or can be attached to moving game objects to create a swirling, dynamic soundscape that envelopes the player.

NSL Music Creator includes 67 free, custom instrument samples to get you started. Because any Unity compatible audio clip is supported, libraries of thousands of loops and samples are available online to compose your perfect score!


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