EI Getting Started


1. Title Area    2. Save Button   3. Create Button   4. Scale and Floor Entry   5. Mode Select Area

Basic Window Navigation – In Wall and Prefab modes, left clicking will place a selected item.  In Floor, Style, Ceiling, and Mat modes, Left Click and Drag to place an item over the selected area.  In Wall, Floor, Prefab, and Ceiling modes, Right Clicking will remove an item.  Hold the Middle Mouse Button and Drag to scroll around the Floorplan Area or use the scroll bars at the bottom and right of the window.  The window can be resized by Left Clicking and Dragging any corner of the window.

Loading a Floorplan – Drag a Save Object from the “NSL EI Saves” area of the object hierarchy into the Title Area (1) of the Easy Interiors window.

Saving a Floorplan – Type a unique name into the Title Area (1) and click the Save Button (2).  Please note that you must save your Unity Scene as well.

Creating a New Interior – Clicking the Create Button (3) will generate a new interior in the Unity Scene based on your Floorplan design.  Interior objects will be stored in the Object Hierarchy under the name provided in the Title Area (1).  If an existing interior with the same name already exists in the scene, you will be prompted to overwrite it.  If you would not like to overwrite the existing interior, give the Floorplan Title (1) a unique name.

Scale – The default Scale for Floorplan designs is 1 grid unit to 1 Unity unit.  To change the scale, enter a new value in the Scale Entry box (4).  Values must be a valid number up to 2 decimal places (e.g. 1.1, 0.8, 1.25, etc).  Scale is applied during Interior Creation.  If you change the scale, you must recreate the interior (3) for the scale to be applied.

Floor Number – The default Floor Number is 1.  Interiors are automatically placed at the correct height for a given floor based on the provided scale.  To change the Floor Number, enter a valid whole number into the Floor entry area (4).

Change Modes – Click an item in the Mode Select Area (5) will change the current Floorplan editing mode.

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