COZ – Alpha Playground 1 – New Gameplay Preview Video

This is a short gameplay video of Alpha Playground 1.  You can catch a couple of additions that I haven’t mentioned yet on the site, not least of which is SOUND :-D.  Like the art, most of the sound effects are temporary, but I’m excited to have some audio implemented.  Each airship has a unique drone.  As they fly around, they create a nice, eery sort of soundtrack.

Also featured in the video are collectable Cit Shells.  While most Alpha Playgrounds won’t have any goals (they exist just to test certain things out), I thought I should step it up for this one, as it’s going to be released publicly.  I figured people might want something more to do than swing and take in the scenery.  There are 27 (as of now) collectable Cit Shells scattered around the map.  Some are easier to find and reach than others.  Finding out which ones people enjoyed finding and which they couldn’t reach will help me determine which aspects of the level design are working best.

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